EP03: Tim Smith of The East Wing podcast

EP03: Tim Smith of The East Wing podcast

In this episode, Justin talks to Tim Smith, the host of The East Wing, an excellent design-focused podcast.

The East Wing has just hit it’s 1st birthday. Tim reflects on why he started the show, what he gets out of it, and why “being genuine and being nice” is all the marketing you need.

Tim also talks about sponsorship, approaching advertisers, and even gives some sample advertising numbers.

Tim’s podcasting set-up

Microphone: Rhode podcaster ($230), Rhode boom, and Rhode
Headphones: Dr. Dre Beatz
What he uses to interview guests: Skype
How he records calls: Audio Hijack Pro
Audio editing software: He got started with Garageband, but Adam Stacoviak convinced him to switch to Logic Pro ($199)
Website hosting: Mediatemple, WordPress, PodPress plugin
Audio file hosting: Amazon S3
Stats: PodPress

Show notes

Personal Site – http://timothybsmith.com

The East Wing – http://theeastwing.net

Twitter – http://twitter.com/ttimsmith

More about this show:

If you’ve ever wanted to start a podcast (or you have a podcast that you want to make better) this show is for you. This is a podcast about making podcasts. Podcast Champion delves into the tricks and tips to producing great audio content.